General delivery and payment conditions

- Delivered goods travel at Buyer’s risk and danger, even if sold under “free delivered” conditions.
- Except for particular indications set forth by the Customer, goods will be delivered by such a means as considered more expedient and suitable by us.
- No complaint will be accepted if forwarded after eight days from the receipt of the goods.
- Our products are covered by warranty as far as the quality of the materials and the workmanship is concerned.
However, this warranty only applies to the replacement of goods which will be acknowledged by us as being faulty or defective.
- Delivery terms are never to be considered as strictly binding. Therefore, the Manufacturer will decline all responsibility and liability in the case of a delivery term not
being timely complied with due to causes beyond his control or will.
- Payments shall only be made to our Head-Offi ce.
- Competent for the settlement of any possible business dispute will be the Law-Court in Pordenone.
The manufacturer reserve the right to introduce any modifi cation considered necessary to improve the appearance and/or functionality of the product.
- Our products must be used only for the workings for which they are expressly designed. The manufacturer declines any liability for damages due to improper use of his products.

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